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Intimate Weddings & Elopements

For couples who want to celebrate their love in an intimate setting outside in the wild.


for the wild ones

Intimate Weddings & Elopements


Starting at $1,975

What’s included?

• up to 20 guests

• preview of your elopement within 72 hours

• all final images delivered within 60 days

• copyrights to all final images via USB drive

• your own personal landing page to view your images and purchase prints

• custom designed photo album + keepsake box to showcase your day

• unlimited consultation, styling, vendor coordination, and help planning your day

• access to my entire Wild West Collection of table + styling decor for an intimate dinner + cake

• 35% deposit / remainder due 30 days prior to your elopement

• travel fees assessed by location

• receive 10% off from November 15 - April 15


Some FAQs

the more you know

Why elope?

Your wedding day only comes around once and it’s a day that is meant to be just about the two of you. And that means doing what YOU want to do. If you want to celebrate your love in front of 200 of your closest friends & family members, then that is exactly what you should do! But if the thought of all that planning, all that time, and all that money doesn’t sound appealing to you, then eloping could be the perfect fit for you guys!

Eloping is for couples who want to celebrate their love in an intimate and beautiful setting either by themselves or with just a handful of their closest friends and family. It is for couples who want to focus their resources on themselves instead of a large number of guests. Eloping is also for couples who want save money.

Eloping is a big decision and it is one you should feel totally comfortable with making before pulling the trigger.

What kind of elopements do you offer?

While there are traditional elopements for couples who just want to go down to the courthouse, that is not the type of elopement that I specialize in. I offer elopements for adventurous couples who place a value on being outside in nature and want to get married in a beautiful and scenic location. And in particular, I specialize in planning, styling, and shooting elopements for couples that still want all the beauty of a traditional wedding (cake, small table set-up, some dancing, champagne toasts, etc) but are wanting to go the non-traditional route of eloping.

What are your prices for elopements?

Starting price by hour:

  • 4 hours - $1,975

  • 5 hours - $2,150

  • 6 hours - $2,300

  • 7 hours - $2,475

  • 8 hours - $2,650

  • 9 hours - $2,800

  • 10 hours - $2,975

During wedding off season (November 15 - April 15):

  • Sunday - Friday: a minimum of 4 hours is required

  • Saturday: a minimum of 6 hours is required

  • Plus take 10% off any hourly package on any day of the week

During wedding season (April 15 - November 15):

  • Monday - Thursday: a minimum of 4 hours is required

  • Friday - Sunday: a minimum of 6 hours is required

  • No discount offered during this time

What should I consider when planning an elopement?

Just you two? Or are you having some guests?

I think the first thing you need to think about it do you want it to just be you two, or do you want a few guests? If you want a few guests, do you want them all to hike out somewhere epic with you? Or would you rather do a small ceremony followed by an adventure sessions for just the two of you the following day?

Where do you want it to be?

Maybe it’s a place that is important to you both, or maybe it’s just a really scenic spot that you’ve seen in pictures. Regardless, think about where you want it to be, what you want your photos to look like (red deserts as a backdrop, big mountain views, etc), and let your photographer know your reasons. There are plenty of wild and beautiful spaces out there to choose from!

Keep in mind that if you want to elope in a National Park, that you will need to apply for a permit to do so. Every National Park has it’s own application process and the cost is usually between $100 - $300.

Other expenses and how much should I expect to spend?

While you won’t be paying for a fully catered dinner for 200 people + venue expenses + all the other expenses associated with a traditional wedding, there are still other expenses associated with an elopement. At the end of the day these are going to be your wedding photos and you should want to do them right! This means hair & make-up if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. You definitely still need a gorgeous bouquet. And a witness or minister for your vows, unless you are getting married somewhere like Colorado that does not require one. If you do have a few friends and family coming, it would still be nice to buy them dinner after your vows have been said. Do you want that dinner to styled to look like a traditional wedding set-up? Do you also want to cover your friends and family’s hotel/airbnb if you’re asking them to travel? What about your flights and rental car? Maybe you’ll want some cake after as well? And obviously your attire – dress for you, suit for him.

Since costs are all dependent on where you are traveling from and how in depth you want your elopement, the total expenses for an elopement can range quite a bit. But a safe estimate would be $5,000 - $10,000 to start with.

What’s an adventure session and how much is it?

An adventure session is something that you can add on the day before or after your elopement if you are doing a smaller ceremony and all your guests can’t hike out to an epic location, or if you just want some more pictures of the two of you in another lovely location.  These add-ons start at $525 for 2 hours of coverage.

What’s in your Wild West Collection?

Whether you’re eloping with just the two of you, or having a few friends and family come out to celebrate with you, it’s always a wonderful idea to have a small dinner + cake with each other in the evening to celebrate! Instead of having my couples spend a couple thousand more on a planner + rentals for this, I have built my Wild West Collection of rustic wooden tables that seat up to 20 people + all the decor and styling items you could ever want to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere to have your intimate reception. My philosophy is that just because you have chosen to elope or have an intimate wedding, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice all the beautiful details and things that traditionally come with a larger wedding! I only offer access to this collection for couples who book me as their photographer as well.

Honestly though, elopements and their planning are best discussed in person. So even if you have no idea where to start with planning yours, feel free to contact me any ways and I’ll get in touch to discuss all the potential options that you guys have!