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I keep all of my booked dates and travel schedule on the calendar below so you can see if I’m available or not + where I’ll be and when if you want to try and link up for a session along the way! Feel free to look through it before submitting your inquiry. And if I am unfortunately booked on your date, please feel free to still reach out so I can give you some recommendations of photographers that I would trust to shoot my own wedding!

Please note: I do not book weddings or elopements that are more than 15 months out. You are still welcome to send an inquiry if your date is farther out than that to get the conversation started & see what I can offer you, but I will not issue a contract and request for deposit unless we are within the 15 month window.

PS if you’re looking on a smart phone or tablet, you can click on a date to see if it’s completely blocked off for a wedding, just partially blocked off for a smaller session, or if it’s just a travel day for me and I’m free to shoot along the way!

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