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4 Getting Ready Details That You Shouldn't Forget

4 tips from professional wedding photographers for getting ready on your wedding day.

Wedding Day Tips From Professional Photographers

4 Getting Ready Details That You Shouldn't Forget

I know you've put a lot of planning into your wedding day.  You've obsessed over the flowers, the theme, the flavor of your cake, should the guys wear bow ties or not, and of course your dress.  You've gotten everything nailed down and you're ready to tie the knot -- or so you think.  While the getting ready part is not the most important part of your big day, it is a huge part of the story that your pictures will tell after everything is said and done.  And I've seen time and time again that not remembering these 4 simple details for your time getting ready can really ruin the pictures you get from it.

1. Beautiful Location

Just as you would never get married in a hideous location, you should never get ready in one either.  Nothing says "ew" like getting ready in place with furniture from the 80's or that is decorated with animal heads.  So ask to see pictures of your getting ready place beforehand.  If they make you turn up your nose when you see them, consider changing locations to somewhere open, clean, and with good lighting.  I promise you won't regret it!

2. Clean Your Rings

You should have the wedding rings with you when you are getting ready so that your photographer can take some detailed shots of them together before the ceremony.  But nothing ruins a picture of your beautiful rings like having clouded old soap underneath the stone.  So get them cleaned the week before and then put them away in a box so they are super sparkly for your photographer.  I know you love wearing your bling, but you can make do without it for a few days before you get to put it on for forever.

3. Coordinated or Matching Outfits

I know it is one more thing to spend money on, and I know you aren't going to make your bridesmaids spend anymore money since you already made them buy a dress that they will probably never wear again, but consider spending a couple hundred extra dollars on getting you and your bridesmaid matching outfits.  You can also use this as your thank you present to them! 

Matching robes or pajamas are always a great way to go -- plus they are usually loose around the neck so they won't mess up anyone's hair when changing into their dresses. 

Here's some cute ideas that are available on Etsy.

Flower Printed Robes

Solid Colored Robes

Pajama Sets

4. Custom Hanger for Your Dress

One thing any wedding photographer worth their salt will do is to take pictures of your dress before you put it on.  You spent hours of your life trying on different ones until you landed on the perfect one, so why would you want pictures of it hanging on an ugly metal hanger form the alterations place?

Ordering a custom hanger for your dress is an easy and cheap addition to your day, and it will make all the difference in the world when your photographer take pictures of your dress. Plus you can use it again when you get home!

Here's some different styles that I love from Etsy.

Writing on the Hanger

Metal Writing with Accent Flowers

Wood Carved Writing


I hope you enjoyed these 4 easy tips for getting ready on you wedding day!

If you're engaged and looking for the perfect wedding photographer, feel free to contact me -- I'd love to make some memories with you!