Kayleigh Rust

Wild West Studio


Wild West Studio

Photography Studio + Co-Working Space + Space Rentals

2904 Big Horn Ave, Cody, Wyoming 82414

Co-Working Space

Cody, Wyoming’s first and only co-working space. Whether you work remotely in the corporate world, are a freelance creative, or anything in between, the Wild West Studio is place for those who work remotely to gather and work in a comfortable, warm, and inviting space. There are two rental options: common space access or a dedicated desk. Either option comes with all of the items below:

  • High speed fiber internet

  • Personal 4 digit code to access the studio whenever you want

  • Studio restroom

  • Coffee bar

  • Microwave

  • Refrigerator

  • Work table in the studio’s adjoining finished storage space for making private calls


Access to work at all of the common spaces in the studio.

$100/month for month-to-month

$90/month with a 3 month agreement

$80/month with a 6 month agreement


Enjoy your own dedicated desk + plush chair for working at. You can also work at all of the common spaces in the studio as well.

Large L Desks

$180/month for month-to-month

$162/month with a 3 month agreement

$144/month with a 6 month agreement

Writing Desks

$140/month for month-to-month

$126/month with a 3 month agreement

$112/month with a 6 month agreement

Please email hello@kayleighrust.com if you are interested in renting co-working space.

Studio Space Rentals

The Wild West Studio may be rented out for photo shoots, a beautiful space for getting ready on your wedding day, and other gatherings like baby, bridal, & wedding showers. In general, space rental is available after 5pm on weekdays and all day on Saturdays & Sundays. If you need to rent the space out during normal business hours (8am - 5 pm Monday through Friday), then a 50% surcharge on the rates below will be added.


Wild West Studio is a perfect space with great lighting for newborn, family, head shots, creative portrait, or boudoir sessions.


4 hours of space rental before your wedding for getting ready at.


3 hours of space rental for your wedding, baby, or bridal shower gathering.


For all other events not mentioned above, please inquire to get a custom quote.

Please email hello@kayleighrust.com if you are interested in renting out the Wild West Studio.

About the Studio and the Owner

I have worked remotely full time since 2015. And while working remotely has many advantages, like being able to do your laundry while working, it does have it’s draw backs, like feeling isolated working at home or having to work at noisy coffee shops. It has been a dream of mine since moving to Cody to open my own photography studio + a co-working space where other remote workers could come as well. After looking for the right space for months, I finally found the perfect space to turn into my own studio + a super welcoming and functional place for co-working. While the Wild West Studio is first and foremost my photography studio where I will be running my own business out of, I am super excited to have such a large space to share with others as well!

I have put a lot of thought into setting up the space to function seamlessly as both a photography studio for myself + a co-working space for others. From purchasing end tables that can be moved and function as laptop tables so you can work from any seat in the common area, to having a large table space in the studio to work at if you need to spread out + having another large table in the finished adjoining storage area for private calls, to offering dedicated desks, having high speed fiber internet installed so there is never a delay in connectivity, plus having a keyless entry system so you can come and go as you please meaning there are no dedicated studio hours, I really have tried to create the best of both worlds in one beautifully designed & functional space.

At the end of the day, I want this space to be a place that both you & I look forward to coming to work in.