About - Kayleigh Rust


I'm Kayleigh.  An Environmental Scientist by day and Photographer by night (or something not quite so cheesy). I've been known to go 6 days without showering while road tripping between Zion and Yosemite, but then I also like to play dress up and get fancy.  I guess I'm the yin to my own yang in that way.

I love the vintage, looks like film, matted look and strive to bring a uniqueness and authenticity to every photo that I take. Anyone can tell you to smile and look at the camera, but for me, capturing those subtle in between moments is what I live for. 

While I am based in Durango, I love traveling and will totally come to wherever you are!  So feel free to shoot me an email by clicking the email icon below!

Oh and if you're looking for wedding photography in particular, please visit Abbi & I's studio that focuses specifically on all things love.  Cheers!

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